Consulting Services

Consulting: Core Scope

Process and Organizational Improvements 

  • Analysis and evaluation of process landscape and process management
  • Improving and re-engineering end-to-end processes across
    organizational units
  • Developing operating models and roadmaps for realization
  • Improving performance of teams and departments
  • Implementing processes and process landscapes, e.g. facilitating
    Business Process Management systems or  Robotic Process
    Automation (RPA)
  • Accompanying implementation of IT-systems and aligning with  the
    business needs
  • ...

While many challenges can be addressed with common sense, I always ensure to combine this with well-proven methods such as Six Sigma, Lean, Process Mining or Business Process Re-Engineering. Guiding principle is to never address just one isolated issue. Process analysis is always integrated with further required aspects, e.g. organizational structure, IT-systems, performance and team management.


Project and Transformation Management

  • Managing organizational transformations and development of new internal organizations
  • Developing and managing programs, projects and workstreams
  • Leading the project management office (PMO)
  • Analyzing and evaluating project situations and challenges
  • Managing project turnarounds
  • Supporting selection, implementation and management of external providers
  • ...

Focus in project and transformation management is to deliver the expected results within time, quality and budget goals. While of course respecting client-specific project management standards, it often makes sense to find an individual balance between classical and agile methods. Just managing the project formally is not enough. I always strive to reflect stakeholder requirements, overall organizational situation, communication needs, company culture etc.


Further Consulting Services - General Management Consulting

  • Data analysis
  • Business cases
  • IT project management
  • Strategic analysis
  • Change and communication
  • Interim management
  • ...

While my focus is clearly on process and organizational improvement as well as project and transformation management, I am fully capable of covering a broader scope of general management consulting. It has shown to be very beneficial for clients to thereby leverage the consultant's existing expertise, knowledge and connections within their organization.


Industry or Functional Focus

My work is focusing mostly around the scope topics of process and organizational improvement as well as project and transformation management. Thereby on the other hand I do not limit myself to specific industries or corporate functions.

Still I do have a certain focus on so called indirect or secondary corporate functions. Same applies for industries. While I have worked with a number of different industries, this is not decisive for my consulting scope.




When do clients typically require and leverage external consulting support?


Complex threats for the functioning of an organization as well as potentials for organizational growth or improvement - both can be the triggers for getting support from an external consultant.


My work mostly takes place in the surroundings of larger organizational transformations. This can include the transformation of an internal operating model, building new service organizations, improvement of existing business or support processes, integrating an external service provider or aligning organization and processes with IT systems.