There is an endless range of interesting content on the internet.


Below you find an initial selection of potentially interesting material and websites.

These links are all personal recommendations which we frequently use for research, education or just keeping on track with our topics.

Obviously there is a certain focus on processes, organization and consulting.


We are aiming to keep this overview updated and from time to time will add further recommendations.

Harvard Business Review: Probably one of the most read magazines among consultants. Find the German version further down.

Signavio E-Learning: Good starting point for understanding some BPM standards and related topics.

UMBREX Unleashed Podcasts: Produced by the UMBREX community of independent consultants, these podcasts provide great guidance on a wide range of challenges.

McKinsey Insights: McKinsey definitely provides some of the most interesting and up-to-date thinking available.

McKinsey Quarterly: Another entry point to a wide range of articles provided by McKinsey & Company.

Der Prozessmanager (German): A relatively new and growing portal on process management.

BCG Henderson Institute: Making a number of articles on BCG's latest thinking available.

Holacracy: Probably one of the most popular alternatives to traditional organizational thinking and structures.

Harvard Business Manager: The German version of the Harvard Business Review - strongly recommended monthly literature!

Reinventing Organizations: Providing additional backgrounds and resources related to the great book by Frederic Laloux.

edX: Offering lots of interesting online courses - probably everybody will find something fitting his or her needs.

Coursera: An alternative/addition to edx - online learning can be great especially if you have to be very effective with your time and resources.

Fluxicon Capacitor: Not only providing a process mining software (Disco) and organizing the yearly process mining camp, Fluxicon openly shares their thoughts on methodology and challenges.

Kurze Prozesse (German): A carefully composed blog on process management, related software and literature. Provided by Prof. Thomas Allweyer.

Process Mining Book: A very detailed, but easy to read and free compilation of advise on process mining, provided by Fluxicon.